The Board finds that the building formerly used as the East Central Community College offices and owned by Leake County is no longer needed for county purposes.  This is the building located at 121 West Main Street, Carthage, Mississippi, more fully described as follows:

Parcel ID 09112BF03    PPIN: 9896

            Part, Lot 3, Block 7, Original Survey

            Tract A (formerly G. N. Guice/Barnett’s Department Store) lot and building.


            Tract B (formerly Oliphant Hardware) lot and building, both tracts      being   located on the South side of the Square in Carthage of Lot 3,            Block 7 of the original survey of the Town of Carthage and being in      Section 12, Township 10 North, Range 7 East, Leake County,             Mississippi.

This being the same property acquired by Leake County by deed dated August 22, 1994 and recorded in Book 210 at Page 486 in the office of the Chancery Clerk of Leake County, Mississippi

  The Board finds that it is in the best interest of Leake County to sell the property.

  1. It is hereby ordered that the building and land previously used as the Leake County East Central Community College and formerly the old Barnett Department Store has ceased to be used for county purposes and it is in the best interest of the County that it be sold;
  2. That the Clerk is directed to publish at least once each week for at least three consecutive weeks, in The Carthaginian the intention to sell the referenced real property and to accept sealed competitive bids for the sale thereof:
  3. The County shall accept bids for the sale and shall award the sale to the highest bidder, subject to the County’s authority to reject all bids.

            So ordered this the 6th day November, 2023.









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