Justice Court

The Justice Court resides over a myriad of matters, from civil suits to delinquent mobile home taxes. Traffic tickets issued by the State Highway Patrol and the Leake County Sheriff’s Department are resolved in the Justice Court, as well as Public Service tickets, Gaming, Fishing and Marine Reserve tickets.

This Court hears all matters with regard to DUIs and violations of County ordinances. All felony cases are first heard in the Justice Court for initial appearance and the filing of affidavit. Judges from this office have court sessions at the jail three times each week to ensure each person’s right to have an initial court appearance within three days of arrest.


Leake County Justice Court and staff

Justice Court Clerk – Adrianna McRaney

Some of the cases heard in the Justice Court include: 

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felony preliminaries
  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • Citations from various law enforcement agencies
  • Civil Actions under $2500
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